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The aftermath of Halloween is now upon us.  The kids costumes are filthy, our Jack O’Lanterns are starting to rot (how is that already happening?!) and we have more candy than we know what to…

OK this is how it all started....Mr. Bonez showed up on Halloween and now he wont leave.....he gets into everything and wants to go everywhere with us!!!! I had a lot of request to start a page for him so here it is!!! WHATZ HE DOING NOW??!!!

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Halloween is over, and the holidays are fast approaching! It’s time to start considering how you’re going to decorate your yard for the occasion.

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It is easy to get overwhelmed with all of the planning that goes into how to save money on Halloween and still making it fabulous, but if you start now, not only will you keep your budget in check, you'll have the most fabulous Halloween on the block!

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So, how did Halloween start and is Halloween safe for Christians to celebrate?


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