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He always has used money to control, like his ex wife said "money rules him!". But it's not ruling him it's how he views it, how he uses it as yet another way to control be it via enticement of promised gifts & lifestyle, or to punish by withdrawing to put u at financial risk. He also spends lavishly on himself whilst u & the kids struggle.

Click here for supplies: Jenny demonstrates how to use old unfinished quilt blocks to make a beautiful applique quilt. She u...

I didn't know people were doing this tf u think ur doing

How do levitating street performers work?
from 9GAG

How do levitating street performers work?

If you are feeling lost or upset: try to do things because you want to, not because you need to or someone else wants you to, cut out the things that make you unhappy and control your life, don't let it control you

Regina Mills. How do I begin to explain Regina Mills? Regina Mills is flawless. One time she ripped my heart out, it was awesome!