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On this day 8th March, 1702 Anne Stuart, sister of Mary II becomes Queen Regent of England, Scotland and Ireland after William II died in a riding accident. Despite seventeen pregnancies, Anne died without surviving children and was the last monarch of the House of Stuart. Anne was succeeded by her second cousin George I of the House of Hanover


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The Royal House of Stuart created the Union of the Crowns in 1603 but would later witness a bloody civil war which changed the face of the monarchy forever


With the accession of the House of Stuart in 1603, fashion became even more elaborate than in Tudor times. James I was actually referred to as the 'Foppish King' and his court were keen to emulate the style. This was a period in which effeminacy seemed to the dominant characteristic - even for the men. The ruling classes were becoming more removed from the feudal obligations of the Medieval period and so did not have to be ready to go to battle in full length plate armour. By this time…

Houses of Stuart and Orange 1603 - 1714

Houses of Stuart and Orange 1603 - 1714


The House of Stuart - The Stuarts ruled Scotland for over two centuries before inheriting the English throne and established a reputation as both ambitious and accident-prone. Of nine monarchs, six of them died violently. They ruled Britain from 1603, when the Union of the Crowns caused James VI of Scotland to become James I of England. Stuart rule ended in 1714.


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Scottish Monarchs Family Tree [1292~1625] House of Balliol, House of Bruce, House of Stuart


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