The house emoji should be replaced with the world emoji>>>the house is saying room not world

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Paint yourself a rainbow emoji and make your wall the happiest DIY mural/ photo background ever!

DIY Rainbow Mural Wall

Hehe this is beautiful! Although I don't think my husband would appreciate such a child inspired house.

This nacho bar is easy to do, and people really get excited about making their own nachos. This recipe is a great idea for any party.

Super Bowl Nacho Bar

Super Bowl Nacho Bar - The Magical Slow CookerThe Magical Slow Cooker

I love how everybody else has outfits you can comfortably wear hanging out with your friends as casual and then ravenclaw is just like, eh, like I'll meet anyone, I'm gonna go get my book and my hot chocolate.

Hogwarts house outfits: casual, class, formal, sleep I am a slytherin and I have that devil pillow!

Unicorn Parking Only Sign                                                                                                                                                                                 More

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Smiley Face Pancake Pan ✿

Smiley face pancake pan // I need this! What a happy idea! i neeeed this =) soo cute my man loves when i make him pancakes, but smiley-face pancakes even better.

Funk This House | Emoji Pillows – A Soft Way to Express Yourself |

Funk This House | Emoji Pillows – A Soft Way to Express Yourself |

Easy DIY Emoji Party games. So many fun ideas to have an awesome emoji party!

Emojis Party Games

DIY Emoji Party games and more emoji game ideas! Using marshmallows, frizbees, balloons and more!