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Days Turned Into Weeks

The minutes turned into hours, the hours into days and the days into weeks.  Silence.  I heard nothing.  I felt nothing.  It was like everything I ever knew was being quest…

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Ecard: 'Wish We Could Be Together'

I Wish we could be together today, tomorrow, and the day after that…I Wish we could stretch minutes into hours, and hours into days...I Wish we could have all the time we wanted to lose ourselves in each other…I Wish we were side by side where we belong. Loving You Missing You

from VICE

The Memory Hole Collects the 90s Home Movies That Were Too Weird for TV

Memory Hole is a place of horror and wonder. When you're inside the Hole it's easy for minutes to turn into hours, hours into days, days into weeks, weeks into years.

Slow Cooker Garlic Lemon Chicken Freezer Meal Recipe


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48 Hours in Rome: The Ideal Itinerary


The Witching Hour is a classic Lisa Parker design. This Umbrella features a witches Black Cat laid over her Book of Shadows whilst gazing into the flame of a candle. A great new product from Nemesis Now this Umbrella will fit neatly into your pocket or handbag. Perfect for those rainy days. Product Number B2478G6 #thewitchinghour #lisaparker #umbrella #cat #pagan #wiccan


Lunch Break 8 25 16 || lunch break for 8 hour shift || lunch time Lunch Break 8 25 16 || lunch break for 8 hour shift || lunch time A break at work is a period of time during a shift in which an employee is allowed to take time off from his/her job. There are different types of breaks and depending on the length and the employer's policies the break may or may not be paid. Meal breaks or lunch breaks usually range from thirty minutes to one hour. Their purpose is to allow the employee to…


By the Numbers: 35 hours, 2,010 miles, 7-14 days. As the October sun slides slowly below the western horizon earlier and earlier, it leaves just enough room for fall to wiggle its way into our corner of the United States. As the days grow shorter, harvest crops proliferate, and with them the fall colors that turn the valleys and hillsides into a crayon box of goldenrods, brick reds, and burnt oranges.