Hourglass meaning

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Simbolic meaning of the hourglass is emphasizing the importance of time and that the available time is running out. For this lady in the picture might time is running out in heart of owner of tattoo. Source Many people at… Continue Reading →

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If you pay attention to the lower vessel you will see a tattoo of a man with a child. Very often, because of many obligations and job we neglect our children and do not spend enough time with them. Help your child about everything he needs, because you’ll never know when is last time he asks you to help him with something. Maybe tomorrow learn that to reach a book from the high shelf or iron clothes for school. He will be more independent, have his own friends, move into his own apartment ……

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In many cultures getting a tattoo is considered an important ritual. The word “tattoo” actually means “to mark something” or to “tap into the body”. The history of tattooing goes as far as 5000 years. Although there are no clear records of the origin of the practice, but history shows many nations have used tattoos … Continue reading Hourglass Tattoo Wonderful Design →

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Crows mean: fearless, audacious, intelligent, adaptable. A higher perspective. The clock represents time but can also mean life. (Idea: the hands on the clock being stopped at a significant time)

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