"Madly attractive people..." by unicorn-kid ❤ liked on Polyvore not te 1d guys they suck

i dont find them hot. they are pretty tho! and not the one direction boys

Jason Isaacs Gallery | Hot Scene Girls

Some men are born to play the bad guy.

My hair is about this length. Ive been needing to find a cute Indie Scene style for it. I think I found it!

'My hair is about this length. I've been needing to find a cute Indie Scene style for it.' Look at her sharpie on her arm!

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Funny Teen Wolf quote. I just love the fact that isaac has no clue what's going on but joins in anyway.

"You're like the hot girl that every guy wants." "I'm the hot girl?" "You're the hottest girl." "I'm the hot girl. Yes, you are.

damn...sorry Jeff but your bro is hawt. This pict just makes him look so good with the whole cemetery scene and the rain...I approve

homicidal liu= jeff the killer creepy pasta i really like him. liu, so hot Empty coffin