He has a tattoo? I want noticing that lol
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Nobody will understand my smoking habit , but its the pain anger and hurt i let flow in the smoke of cigarettes
Matthew Noszka | Matthew Noszka , Models , Brian Jamie Photography , Tattoos
"hey im stephen. i run a course for specializing in tattoos. strange i know." i laugh "you can call me Mr james or stephen, i dont mind." i shrug. "introduce?"
i'm sorry, i forgot i was supposed to be looking at his tattoos ;)
yumm tattooed men are just lovely ♥ thedeliciousness.net (18+) ♥ #tattoo #ink #inked
Tyler Seguin is so yummy!
Open rp with Wes) I was walking on your turf at night coming back from just collecting information when I see you leaning against a wall. I pay little attention to you and keep walking when you tap on my shoulder and say...
This boys cute I wanna make him a  golden boy