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The Hosta Guacamole is one of those rare and hard to find fragrant hostas. Most Hostas have little to no scent but this one has a very strong fragrance and very large white flowers

from plant lust

Hosta 'Guacamole'

This reverse variegated sport of Hosta 'Fragrant Bouquet' has the same wonderful giant-sized near-white fragrant flowers in late summer. The vigorously growing clump to wide sports large chartreuse-gold foliage with a wide green edge...WOW


Hosta 'Fried Bananas'. Clump Size: (L) 40" x 20". Leaf Size: 11" x 7". Leaves are oval to heart-shaped, chartreuse turning yellow, become the brightest yellow when grown in bright light. Very fragrant near white flowers bloom in August. Forms a nice sized mound with large fragrant flowers. It will be chartreuse green in the shade but when grown in bright light to full sun the foliage will be a brilliant yellow. Full sun to dappled shade. Humus-rich, moist but well-drained soil. Zones: 2 - 9

from Southern Living

A Perfect Pairing - Gardening 101: French Hydrangeas

A Perfect Pairing - Gardening 101: French Hydrangeas - Southernliving. French hydrangeas look great in generous sweeps, but if you really want to make your borders sing, pair them with hostas in the foreground. Both love partial shade and plenty of water. Three can’t-miss choices are ‘Guacamole’ (large, avocado green leaves with dark green margins), ‘Patriot’ (dark green leaves with creamy white margins), and ‘Halcyon’ (considered by many to be one of the best blue-foliaged hostas). For…


‘Ambrosia’ is “the food of the gods” and this hosta is certainly good enough to eat. It is simply divine. It is a blue-margined, light yellow-centered sport of my own ‘Guacamole’ that performs just as well in the garden, making a large clump that enjoys bright light. Like ambrosia it is fragrant and may also have the same mythological healing powers. We intend to patent this one.