Harvesting and using horseradish for both culinary and medicinal purposes is a quick and easy process that also keeps the plant from taking over the garden.

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how to grow horseradish plant,In 1597, it was noted in the book Herball that planting horseradish near grapevines was not a good companion gardening practice.

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HORSERADISH: Ground cover. Grows 60cm-1m in any moist soil. Prefers full sun, tolerates partial shade. Plant at 45cm spacing to form good cover. Root at most flavoursome in autumn and winter. Take top 10cm to allow regrowth. Once established, difficult to get rid of.

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Horseradish Plant Companions: What Grows Well With Horseradish Plants - Fresh horseradish is absolutely delicious and the good news is it’s easy to grow your own. It is also healthy so companion plants for horseradish might get a huge benefit. Find out about companion planting with horseradish in this article.

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Horseradish Care In Pots: How To Grow Horseradish In A Container - If you have ever grown horseradish, then you are only too well aware that it can become quite invasive. The solution, of course, would be container grown horseradish. Look at this article to find out how to grow horseradish in a container.

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Horseradish Harvesting: When And How To Harvest Horseradish Root - Harvesting horseradish plants is a simple task and the resulting condiment can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 6 weeks. Find out how and when to harvest horseradish root in the garden by clicking this article for more information.

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