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Stolen from my daughter Magill who biggest dream is to just love a horse of her very own. I hope we achieve that dream one day


Funny Horse Poems | Pet therapy, which includes horse therapy is something we should all ...


This was totally me and my fatty when i was little! Now he is an old man, Don't know what I'll do when he is gone :(


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This poem tells us to not cry for the loss of our horses, but after reading it we are all full of tears. The Loss of a beloved horse is never easy.


Relax..Relax, that is the key. Soften the thigh, the ankle the knee. To close the leg, you use the calf. Let the seat work on the back half. Use that core a little bit more. Don't let the hands take all the galore. Elbows in for out is a sin, and don't forget to lift the chin. Controlling the angles soft n' light, helps any equestrian to ride a horse right. -Kairen Jamieson