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It really does feel like the vibe you get when watching murder house, I love the new season hotel! XD

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some things are not for interpretation : Photo

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7 Spine-Chilling Tips For Writing An Unforgettable Horror Story - Writers Write

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"I am a Millennial. Generation Y. Born between the birth of AIDS and 9/11, give or take. They call us “the Global Generation”. We are known for our entitlement and narcissism. Some say it’s because we’re the first generation where every kid gets a trophy just for showing up. Others think it’s because social media allows us to post every time we fart or have a sandwich for all the world to see. But it seems that our one defining trait is a numbness to the world, an indifference to suffering"

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American Horror Story Happy Meals - Collect them all (wait. This actually happened? Aren't happy meals for kids?)

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