Sometimes it takes more than mere cleaning up of your diet to balance your hormones — and that means detox. While the length at which a woman should do the detox varies based on her symptoms and

A 21-Day Detox To Balance Your Hormones & Help You Feel Vibrant

Our diet plays a key role in balancing the levels of hormones in our body, which in turn control our mood, energy levels, digestion, metabolism and libido. We talked to top OBGYNs about the hormone-balancing foods we should be piling onto our plates.

7 Hormone-Balancing Foods You Should Eat Every Day

The endocrine system produces and regulates hormones in the body, telling other systems of the body what to do. From brain function to reproduction, hormones are the chemical messengers that manage metabolism, growth, heart rate, and virtually every other bodily function.In modern North America, our endocrine systems are under attack by diet, environment, and lifestyle—with serious consequences. In addition to toxins, increasing levels of stress also contribute to endocrine disruption.

A Raw Carrot a Day Keeps Excess Estrogen at Bay

The fiber in a raw carrot can make this easy-to-eat, readily available solution to elevated estrogen (and other hormone) levels efficacious.

In my practice, I help women balance their hormones naturally—starting with their fork. I have a “food first” philosophy and passionately believe that food is the small hinge that swings the biggest doors when it comes to your health.

I’m A Hormone Expert. Here’s What I Eat In A Typical Day