Polish artist Pawel Kuczynski creates satirical paintings filled with thought-provoking messages about the world today.

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Horatian Satire. Experience is listening to and reading about the 2016 Election pretty much daily. Values inherent are candidness + humor. My reaction was simply to laugh & look back on the overall ridiculousness of our latest election. The goals are to deride the election & also mock the President Elect and this is effective because of the basic & funny image of a crying Donald Trump with the word "Trumpertantrum" that makes fun of Trump's outbursts on social media, at rallies, + in…

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This video is classified as horatian satire. My experience with the subject of lifting has been gained though football conditioning. The goal of this satire is to get people to laugh by "playing" with the common phrase "Do you even lift?" My reaction was mainly just laughing because I understand the jokes and references made in the video.

This Horatian satire jokes on how deniers do not even believe in global warming, whether it be natural or manmade. They ignore a problem that is occurring in the world today, causing one to laugh at the ignorance. As a Horatian satire, it was effective in causing a laugh at the ignorance some people can be.

Many people care about getting things on video or getting a picture of it so that they can show their friends, post it on social media, or just to have. The problem is that they are so caught up in this that they don't realize what is happening outside in the real world. This uses Horatian satire.

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Horatian Satire. Experience with the subject is listening to the daily reports about the 2016 election. Values inherent are bitterness and derision. My reaction was to smile and laugh. The goal of the satire was to mock the loser of the election, Hillary, through the excuses her party and some of her followers have made as to why she lost. It is effective because it uses an easy to understand, funny way of illustrating how Hillary's people could pick the excuses and the many they're using.

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This man sitting in the chair is watching tv. He has obviously been watching tv for a long time because he is growing into the chair like a plant. We give tv and electronics so much of our attention that we become glued to them. This is Horatian satire.

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