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Honeymoon playlists

30 Sexy Songs Strictly For Doin' It

STOP! Are you about to have sex?! Don't take your pants off yet — there's one more important step you need to take. Turn on this playlist immediately. OK, go back to your business.

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12 Amazing Places You Can Stay Around the World for Less Than $100 a Night

Pack your bags. Time to span the globe on a budget. This stays are chic and affordable.

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I miss your "wonderfulness", Tricia! I will see you again my friend. I just have to!

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30 Sexy Country Songs For Doin' It Cowgirl Style

I could agree with the majority of these. Not luke Bryan though. I'm tired of his poppy, say the same thing over again, tunes. I like his older stuff that wasn't on the radio. Except drink a beer. That's golden.

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Here is a list of goodies that I always have in my carry-on when I travel out of the country. Yes, I do have this much stuff in one...

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Wedding Reception Playlist Song Idea List

Song list for the reception...kinda pissed the song I want (for us) is on this list...I thought I was being all original. Still some great fast and slow songs to help us out.

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