It's a honeymoon list but the locations (8 in all) are all AMAZING spots, a few hundred US$/night, and so worth exploring!

The World's 8 Most Underrated Honeymoon Destinations

5 places in Turkey that should be on your bucket list. Number 3 just blew my mind! #travel #turkey

5 places in Turkey that should be on your bucket list. Number 3 just blew my mind!

Cleopatra Beach, Marmaris, Turkey. Speak to us at Spot Blue, award winning Turkey Real Estate service helping you find the ideal property in Turkey. Visit

Cleopatra Island, Turkey - already planning my next trip: Turkish sailing on the Turquoise coast (summer fingers crossed).

Istanbul - been there - this is stunning at night!

Istanbul is the only city worldwide located on two continents, has been the capital for the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman empires. Visit the Grand Bazaar while there, a 540 year old shopping mall spanning 64 streets and shops.

Harbour View, Alanya, Turkey #Turkey has two major types of #taxes. Would you like to know which these are?

Family Friendly Places in Turkey

Harbour, View, Alanya, Turkey, a great view and look at that ship almost center of the harbor

Eminönü, Istanbul, Turkey

Eminönü neighborhood in Istanbul, Turkey is a top place for tourists to visit. Discover the Spice Market, The New Mosque and taste freshly made mackerel sandwiches.

Kaş, Antalya, Turkey, Most Beautiful Spot In Turkey For Tourist

Kaş, Antalya, Turkey, amazing place, I loved it I literally know my whole way around

The Blue Mosque in Istanbul - Turkey..I love Turkey!

The Blue Mosque in Istanbul - Turkey *Lol, this is not the Blue Mosque. It's Sabanci Merkez Camii in Adana - Turkey.

Of course. Nothing like a native to be your guide. Istanbul Turkey - Honeymoon in Turkey | Wedding Planning, Ideas & Etiquette | Bridal Guide Magazine

Honeymoon in Turkey