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Deep-fried crispy honeycomb tripe

Speedy discovers the most unusual recipes. Ironically, the ones he finds are recipes I won’t even give a second thought to. Then, they turn out to be so delicious (like that butter-marinated tripe) and I start asking myself why I didn’t discover them in the first place. So, here’s another tripe recipe. Deep-fried. Served with …

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Cleaning/Prepping Honeycomb Tripe

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Dim Sum Recipes | 74. Dim Sum Series #7, 牛肚 Beef tripe| Kits Chow

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Fried Honeycomb Tripe

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The edible offal

Steamed tripe at Yum Cha. This version is chewier than the honeycomb tripe.

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Deep-fried crispy honeycomb tripe Deep-fried crispy honeycomb tripe

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Deep-Fried Tripe

Fried Tripe AKA how I will get Mathew to eat tripe for the first time :) (Fried in cassava flour, not wheat flour of course)

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This Jamaican Tripe and Beans Recipe makes one of those dishes that you will be proud of because of the technicalities involved. Give it a try.

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Slow-cooked honeycomb tripe with fresh green peas.

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steamed beef tripe- honeycomb tripe steamed and usually covered in chilies, black bean sauce. part of the dim sum menu.

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