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A feral honey bee nest. .When the comb is built naturally, as in this case, it is a "nest". When it is then removed and put into my Top Bar or Langstroth box, it is in a "hive" or hive box.

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Double skep by Charles Kennard. A double skep makes it possible to remove some honey without destroying the brood nest in the main body of the skep.

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How to Catch a Swarm of Bees Safely (and Get Bees for Free)

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The difference between wasps, honey bees and yellowjackets..... And how to catch and trap yellow jackets.

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Honey Bee Colony Removal From Structures - Clemson Cooperative Extensiom

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We are 'backyard beekeepers' that practice a natural alternative to the commercial beekeeping industry. We pride ourselves on practicing, as well as providing information on, alternative hive designs and construction, sustaining our bees without medication or stamped foundation, top bar hives and Warre hives, as well as producing honey bees for the sake of their pollination, not to manipulate them for honey production.

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