1996 Honda Civic DX - Extraordinary via Import Tuner

There are a ton of Civics out there that have aftermarket seats, wheels, a swap, and are even painted white, but few measure up to this 1996 Honda Civic DX.

Camellia Red Honda Civic EG. My 5th Honda. I <3'd it so much that I cried when I let it go.  :-(

Camellia Red Honda Civic EG. My Honda. I it so much that I cried when I let it go.

awesome honda civic si 2000 turbo car images hd 2000 Honda Civic DX   Super Street Magazine

Toto’s willingness to experiment is the reason he’s been able to build a 2000 Honda Civic DX that was so far ahead of its time.

98 Civic Hatchback for Sale | Honda-Hatchback-Civic-DX-for-sale-custom-30364-750979.JPG

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2008 honda civic  | ... 2008 honda civic dx picture view garage wilson94 owns this honda civic

Tuner invasion custom car and truck show june 2009 - Civic Forumz - Honda Civic Forum

2000 Honda Civic #honda #civic

I love this honda with si rims.

Andrew French's Honda Civic Si (EJ, EK) via Jeff Littlefield ( jmlittlefield.com)

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2000 Honda Civic Si

2000 Honda Civic Si probably my second favorite car of all time!

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Everyone remembers his or her first car. The nostalgic memories can transport you back to how the steering wheel felt, the scent of the interior, or the sound of the motor firing up.

2000 Honda Civic DX

2000 Honda Civic DX - Honda's Best Kept Secrets - Super Street Magazine

1996-1998 Honda Civic Sedan lowered with BYS front bumper

To low , nice wheels Honda Civic Sedan lowered with BYS front bumper

95 Honda Civic coupe

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