Agh rose is too gorgeous <3 <3 <3 Homestuck

The idea of the stars in them more than the characters themselves remind me if the book HOMESTUCK - rose

The beta kids, Jade, Dave, Rose, and John, from Homestuck.

nice The witch, the knight, the seer, the heir Homestuck fanart by neungson on Tumbl.

How about no you sick jerks who love to tamper with my fragile feelings

homestuck rose and kanaya//WWW Rosemary hOnK!

Homestuck- Dave Strider

Homestuck- Dave Strider<<<<Am I the only one that thought in Dirk's voice, "Oh look, Dave's finally coming out of the closet" XD

Homestuck rose and kanaya by herblesbian  (I love this artist's work!)

Are you, are you Coming to the tree Wear a necklace of rope,Side by side with me (x)<<<NOOOooo.

We know. We just know.

Homestuck - Rose Lalonde x Kanaya Maryam - RoseMary << forever obéir my most favorite couples in Homestuck

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one of my favorite homestuck quote<< It's funny and a little sad bc later Dave tells Dirk that Dave's bro shouldn't have been let anywhere near a young child

#lalonde #homestuck   wow just  danggggg  shes one of my many homestuck wives  everyone in homestuck is either my wife or husband

Jackunzles daughter (Rise of the brave tangled dragons) <<<< No. This is Rose Lalonde.