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Rocket Boys, the memoir of West Virginian Homer Hickam, Jr. This book inspired the film October Sky.

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October Sky – Family Movie Night

"Dad, I may not be the best, but I come to believe that I got it in me to be somebody in this world. And it's not because I'm so different from you either, it's because I'm the same. I mean, I can be just as hard-headed, and just as tough. I only hope I can be as good a man as you."

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Coalwood School in Coalwood, West Virginia. Homer Hickam's hometown. I've actually been here once before with my family, but I really want to go again. Watch the movie October Sky if you're confused. :)

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October Sky, one of Coach McGrew's favorite movies. (Next to "Shane" and "butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid"...)

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Rocket Boys

Rocket Boys by Homer Hickam, made into the film "October Sky" starring Jake Gyllenhaal. A West Virginia coal mining town, Sputnik, and boys dreams of building rockets.

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I absolutely love this book. I sat down and read it within 3 days then passed it onto my mom. A great story about a woman in the West Virginia coal mines. A love story

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Rockets in elementary science class. I remember doing this in 6th grade and it was awesome!

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Rocket Boys by Homer Hickam

Homer Hickam, Nasa engineer, author of Rocket Boys AKA October Sky... and other novels. Been to his hometown of Coalwood, WV and met him at Schuler's in Grand Rapids a few years ago.

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