Homemade Margarita Mix (so much better fresh!!)
The BEST homemade margarita I have ever had!  I may never order one in a restaurant again and will for sure never be using a mix again!
Fresh Lime Margarita
Strawberry Margarita Recipe ~ Homemade strawberry margarita recipe made with fresh strawberries, lime juice, sugar or honey, orange liqueur, and tequila. This margarita cocktail can be prepared on the rocks or frozen.
I love a good Margarita...with the perfect sweet and sour balance. This recipe is hands-down the very best Margarita recipe. The perfect cocktail for your Cinco de Mayo entertaining (or just for any day!)
Best margarita recipe - No Sour Mix No Simple Syrup | Sammy "Miami" Trotter Blog
Homemade margaritas made with fresh real food ingredients like blood orange juice, limes, raw honey, and 100% agave silver tequila. This drink looks beautiful (blood oranges give it a wonderful hue) and goes down easy! Skip the mixes and make it yourself! | Real Food Recipe | Paleo | Gluten-Free | Vegetarian |
Margarita made with jalapeño, lime, honey and elderflower liqueur.
Easy margarita recipe!
Easy FROZEN MANGO MARGARITAS with a chili lime salt rim! The perfect cocktail recipe to keep you cool this summer!:
This is the margarita recipe I use.  Please...anyone...make a pitcher of this and invite me over...oh, and don't worry about the zest, not necessary.
The Best Margarita Recipe Ever.  That is all.  Only 3 simple ingredients and no refined sugar! You will LOVE this.
The Best Homemade Margaritas: All-Natural, 3-Ingredients - No sugar so you can sip worry-free! They go down way too easily!
Peach Margaritas - A refreshing margarita flavored with homemade peach syrup, fresh orange juice and peaches.
Skinnier Margarita fresh, homemade and much skinnier than the original.