Learn how to make your very own homemade leather conditioner with a few simple ingredients and our step by step detailed guide!

Homemade leather conditioner - Lemon essential oil - safe to use. After cleaning massage surface w/cloth dipped in, or dampened w/10-15 drops - leaves a fresh scent.

Homemade Natural Eco Green Leather Cleaner and Conditioner. Just a mixture of flaxseed oil (or olive oil) and vinegar works wonders for cleaning and conditioning leather. So easy and so good!

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Homemade Leather Cleaner & Conditioner

using beeswax for homemade leather conditioner

Years ago, when I started working with leather I would often use the commercially available polishes on the store shelves, or the proprietary blends found at the leather craft stores. They ended up being pretty costly, but more so, they didn't last very long and contained chemicals that seemed counter intuitive to traditional craft. So I set out to create my own. My first attempt was simply a mix of paraffin wax, harvested from candles and heavy grade mineral oil. It worked, but again, I was…

Leather conditioner is an important solution for the upkeep of your leather jacket. The conditioner, when applied regularly, will keep the leather of the jacket soft and supple. It can also help keep the jacket clean, cutting back on trips to the dry cleaners. You can easily make the conditioner yourself at home with a quick recipe. The recipe...

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