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"I remember walking through the city streets with a former boss once. Along the way, we passed many homeless people seeking cash and encouragement. He said out loud which of them should receive anything. I wondered silently how he could judge since, although I knew he'd had a troubled childhood, he'd never lived a day on the street . <3"


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Do not pass by a man in need, for you may be the hand of God to him. -Proverbs 3:27


Give of yourself during this Year of Mercy Every time that you do give of your time, talent and/or treasure, you give mercy to another individual in need. Think about it: When you give your time at a food bank or homeless shelter, your mere presence tells those in need that someone cares about them. …


too many children are starving, homeless and left to fend for themselves. Many don't make it. It breaks my heart and sends shivers down my spine to even think of it! they need HELP! They need a voice, they need to be saved! Do ANYTHING you can to saves these sweet babies!!!


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Homelessness is a HUGE problem. Imagine not having a safe roof over your head, or not having a soft bed to sleep on. Most Americans have never known this type of pain, sorrow, and whatever other feelings. YOU CAN do something to stop homelessness, and/or help those affected by it. Giving them food, donating clothes, finding jobs for the able, and anything else to help. You CAN!