Homeless man asked me what I was doing, I said taking pictures of interesting things. He said, you're not taking pictures of me are you, I said no no... He said, "I haven't had my picture taken in 40 years."I said, well that's not good, you don't have any history of yourself over that time. All of a sudden, he took off his cap stood in front of me and said, "go ahead, take my picture".I said sure... and here it is. (Photographer Mark M)

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Homeless man, Athens, Greece/ Homeless people make my heart hurt. I know it is a fact of life that happens but it hurts.

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Homeless guy, man, male, powerty, powerful image, beard, intense, strong, street, city view, portrait, photo b/w.

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The ‘homeless capital’ of the north-east wants to fine homeless people for accepting food from passersby

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Im from a small town and never really saw homeless people but whenever i would visit a bigger city or moved here to chico i saw alot more homeless people and began to realize that we need to find a way to help these people.

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This Officer’s Simple Act Of Kindness Saved A Homeless Man’s Life - http://viralbubble.com/this-officers-simple-act-of-kindness-saved-a-homeless-mans-life/

Poverty is the underlying cause of all homelessness. Structural changes within the American economy have had a profound impact on societies "bottom segment." No, homelessness is not caused by mental illness, addictions, or unemployment.

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