He cheats with ugly girls, still married, with NO self esteem. So they will…

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Be strong ~ be loving ~ be true - uphold other women! Don't be an evil homewrecking whore trying to take what's not yours

Better step up and break the cycle. Give little ginger snap a fighting chance.

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One for the home wreckers.

On this note: bottom line when the woman/wife/girlfriend approaches the "home wrecker" and tells her... A) they are the wife/girlfriend B) they have a family and share a home. and C)That the woman and her husband/boyfriend have decided to work things out... and the bitch still doesn't back off?! Well then, she's earned her title as a home wrecker! Bitch don't play dumb, don't play victim... just pray that you understand who your dealing with!

We all know how desperate you are. Desperate enough to try and sleep with my boyfriend when you were still married. Home wrecker. cpm.

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