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"I'm going to make a deduction. If it's right, you're gonna be honest and tell me, ok? Happy Birthday" - John, Mary and #Sherlock

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SHERLOCK S4 E2: The Lying Detective. Benedict Cumberbatch & Martin Freeman

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Sherlock S04 EP02 "The Lying Detective". Season 4.

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Sherlock - The Lying Detective. And the therapist just does she doesn't like react really in any way

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Sherlock - The Lying Detective

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Sherlock on

Three days until The Final Problem. #Sherlock

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Sherlock and Molly - The Six Thatchers gif

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And Sherlock's clients would have been telling their stories with no idea why there was a smiley balloon staring at them, just waiting for SH to explain, but instead he motions to the balloon and makes side quips to it, oblivious that it isn't John.

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“Mrs Hudson, as ever, you are amazing. ”

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I loved this scene with Sherlock and Rosie. Series 4 Ep. 1

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