Turns out that an at home DNA test does not make a good baby shower gift

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Call for DNA Testing for Death Row Inmate Larry Swearingen The Innocence Project - Fix the System: Federal Legislation

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Rapid Paternity Test Kit with DNA Testing of 21 Markers - at Home Testing - Test Compares More DNA - Higher Accuracy Rating - Lab Fees Included

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Over the weekend, I was contacted by Melissa Townsend, an Arizona high school teacher, with this question: Getting ready to assign spring reading to my students. What are your favorite non-fiction science books a HS kid can handle? It’s an excellent question–there are some books that can open up the mind of a teenager, and …

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Extracting Family Trees From Ancient Genomes New techniques and very old bones overcome the limits of genome sequencing for prehistoric horses, ancient cave bears, and even our own early ancestors.

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