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The Holographic Universe: The Revolutionary Theory of Reality

16 – The hypothesis that we might be living in a computer simulation has gained a lot of popularity in the recent years. Although it has not been proven, many scientists are interested in the Holographic Universe theory according to which our reality is nothing but an illusion. Who created the hologram we live in is …


is consciousness the software of the Universe? | Michael Talbot - Synchronicity and the Holographic Universe


Maybe a crystal oscillator would help in the convergence of these two frequencys ...let's go down to the shore and smash crystals together till we dissipate into the never could be fun to try.


Quantum Physics leads to the conclusion that this reality is a thought in the mind of God/The Creator. We are all expressions of the Creator experiencing Ourself.

from ScienceDaily

Is the universe a hologram?

Is the universe a hologram?//Vienna University of Technology The 'holographic principle,' the idea that a universe with gravity can be described by a quantum field theory in fewer dimensions, has been used for years as a mathematical tool in strange curved spaces. New results suggest that the holographic principle also holds in flat spaces. Our own universe could in fact be two dimensional and only appear three dimensional -- just like a hologram.


The Universe Really Is a Hologram, According to New Simulations A 10-dimensional theory of gravity makes the same predictions as standard quantum physics in fewer dimensions A team of physicists has provided some of the clearest evidence yet that our universe could be just one big projection.


The Awakening, a documentary about quantum physics, the nature of reality, and the "powers that be" manipulating our reality. Interesting -- but to be taken with a grain of salt, too.


via MessageToEagle It is not the first time scientists suggest our world is part of a holographic projection. The holographic universe theory states our reality is nothing but an illusion. In our d…