Pinterest • The world’s catalogue of ideas -Fades the look of dark spots, age spots, sun spots and discoloration all over body, especially on problem areas such as knees, elbows and feet. Have the clear and brighter skin that you want in about 8 weeks of use.


Started by Stephanie March, Law and Order: SVU and the show’s makeup department head, Rebecca Perkins, Rouge New York offers budget-friendly makeovers and makeup application. Decide if you want a simple freshening up or something bolder — they have a number of looks to choose from — and relax into one of the fully reclining Hollywood vanity chairs. They offer one-on-one makeup instruction as well $125.


Love the long bar, slate floor, muted gray walls, and clear chairs. Bring in pops of color on the walls as quotes or pics of celebs or old Hollywood actresses in black and white but with lips and nails in chosen color. Have accent color brought in thru custom flowers throughout, have an accent wall done all in custom flowers in accent color.


We are a Princess Party Spa, where girls can have their bdays or have a girl's day out. Included in every package is access to 3 rooms, where girls can have fun dressing up as Princesses, sing karaoke, take photos in front of the red carpet, dine in the Royal Dining room and have their nails and makeup done in the Hollywood Spa room.