art deco filme noire style, love makeup hair and styling and languid pose of the jaded superstar

100 Award Show-Worthy Hairstyles

Crystal Renn Vogue Spain - The fashion world is alive with Old Hollywood glamour, and this Crystal Renn Vogue Spain editorial is the newest addition to the massive collection.

Marlene Dietrich. Photography by George Hurrell. I want his work all over my house!

George Hurrell, "Marlene Detrich", I think the photographer is trying to capture the emotion of lust and beauty. Her facial expression and how her eyes look give it this emotion.

25 Best Drugstore Beauty Products

26 Best Drugstore Makeup and Beauty Products

"I'm too fabulous for this crap." A little motivation to remind you how great life can be once you realize what a beautiful, unique and fabulous diva you are. Self confidence is a wonderful thing.