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Growing Holly Bushes: How To Grow And Care Of Holly Bushes

Growing holly bushes in your yard can add yearround interest. Because they are such popular plants, many people have questions about the care of holly bushes. Read this article to learn more about growing holly.

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Hollies typically are either male or female, so plant a partner nearby to ensure a good crop of berries. Holly prefers well-drained, moist, and fertile soil. Summer is the right time to prune a holly hedge.

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Winterberry holly is long-lasting and beautiful for holiday arranging. Though it is pricey at the florist, it is super easy to grow this shrub and have your own supply! Fall is a good time to plant shrubs. Proven Winners | Berry Nice® - Winterberry Holly - Ilex verticillata @Proven_winners #holly #holidaydecor

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Giant Sea Holly: "Miss Whilmot's Ghost" Giant Sea Holly flowers Eryngium giganteum 'Silver Ghost'

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Globe Thistle with Drumstick Allium:Serenity in the Garden: My Annual Reminder- Plant Drumstick Allium now Repinned by

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25 Plants & Herbs You Can Propagate from Cuttings

25 plants and herbs to propagate - Rooted cuttings are often sturdier than seedlings, and come to maturity faster, many of them bearing flowers and fruits much earlier than seedlings. For example, if you were to grow English Holly from seeds, it may take years to grow into… [read more]

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