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Fortune's Holly Fern | Exceptional fern for interesting form and texture. Fronds are stiff, upright and dark green arching outward from the center of the plant. Fast-growing; 1'-2' tall and 1.5'-2' wide. Full to partial shade.

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Cyrtomium falcatum - Holly Fern. The Japanese Holly Fern has dark green, glossy, pinnate fronds and does not really look like a fern at all. Highly suitable for dry shade. Evergreen, easy to grow, and exotic in appearance. Hardy. Buy Holly Fern - Cyrtomium falcatum - Delivery by Gardening Express

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rare Japanese Holly Fern Cyrtomium Falcatum | Japanese Holly Fern (cyrtomium falcatum) | All about Greens | Pintere ...

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Japanese Garden Plants Names | Photo of Cyrtomium falcatum (Holly Fern, Japanese Holly Fern)

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This can only be appreciated at a larger size. The foliage of these plants compliment each other perfectly. I especially like the foliage of the plants that are growing up the walls. Reminds me of certain clematis vines.

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Arachniodes simplicior 'Variegata', Indian Holly Fern, Partial to Full shade, 10-18" H, 20-36" W,

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