Hockey Puck Display Case Holder / Rack - would be nice for displaying my pucks. :)

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A boy told me I skated like a girl. I told him if he skated a little faster, he could, too!

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Basic Rules to Hockey... check some out as the playoffs start. Fellow Pinners! Please pin this and follow the Empowerment Zone 4 Kids page. We created this campaign for a "social media for social work" class - (less than 2 weeks left) and please help my group show the rest of the class the power of social media for good! Please and Thank You!

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It is the sport i learned to love at a young age. I play hockey as well. It is hands down my favorite sport of all time.

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I have grown up playing hockey, with almost everyone in my large family playing, reffing, coaching. My favourite team is the Detroit Red Wings.

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