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This 17' x 30' Basement Hockey Rink uses 1/2" Synthetic Ice and Tall (42") Hockey Boards. Description from I searched for this on


Indoor & outdoors wooden hockey table

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from Flaghouse - Physical Education Equipment - Recreational Products

NOK - Hockey® Board - Full Size

NOK - Hockey® Board at FlagHouse


Slap Shot Hockey Premier Edition Tabletop Game by Westminster Inc

A slap shot in ice hockey is the hardest shot one can perform. See if you and your friends are up to the challenge. Practice your aim by slapping the pluck into the opponent's goal with his stick in the hockey board.

It combines my two favorite things! But I can't decide if this should go on my HP or Hockey board...


Stuff I have No Words For About Hockey | Carolina Hurricanes Pittsburgh Penguins NHL Hockey Logo


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