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Sickening but True: Vaccines Still Contain Aborted Baby Material that May Contribute to Autism

It's crucial that we learn the truth about vaccines, medicines and products made using aborted fetal material.


▶ The Vaccine Culture War in America: Are You Ready? - YouTube. Excellent information with extensive coverage of such things as the comparison to other illnesses such as HIV laws and rights, legal issues, exemptions, eugenics, stats, new vaccines, legal targets and the global vaccine drug plan... "really a culture war on values, beliefs and freedoms".


To Build A Viable HIV Vaccine, Start from the Molecule Up -


New HIV vaccine trial to start in South Africa:

April 12, 1955 ~ announcement of Dr. Jonas Salk's polio vaccine - I still remember Polio and not being able to go to the movies or be in crowds until this...all anti-vaccine folks should be made to read and see the history of just this one disease and its elimination!!!!!!!


How a cat virus could lead to an HIV vaccine. University of Florida. Blood from people infected with HIV shows an immune response against a cat AIDS virus protein, a finding that may help scientists find a way to develop a human HIV vaccine.


Canadian researchers have developed the first genetically modified, whole-killed HIV vaccine, which has successfully passed Phase 1 human trials.