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Long Beach, California is important to me for many reasons but the main one is because it is the home of the queen Mary. That is the ship that my great grandafther used to escape Hitler during his invasion of Poland during the Holocaust. He left his whole family and they all died while he continued the bloodline of our family.


Slow burning classic based on true events of defiance in World War two Germany.


Berlin after the 2nd World War. (East Berlin, GDR / DDR, 1954) Photographer: Sem Presser, Holland.

from Washington Post

Even Austria’s far right wants to demolish Hitler’s birthplace

Even Austria's far right wants to demolish Hitler's birthplace

These identity cards are designed to help students make personal connections with the victims of the Holocaust, and could be used before a novel study or a history lesson. Included: *37 ID cards (Jewish, Roma, Jehovah’s Witnesses, accused homosexuals, mentally ill, and the “righteous”) with a photo of the victim, his/her name, date of birth, place of birth, and a description of their life before Hitler came to power, before World War II, and after WWII began. *"newspaper" revealing fates


Edvard Munch - Norwegian painter and printmaker known for his intense exploration of psychological themes in his work. - Born: December 12, 1863 - Birthplace: Løten, Norway - Died: January 23, 1944

Gasthaus zur Pommer, Hitler's Birthplace, to be Converted Into a Museum Dedicated to His Crimes -


Driving into Braunau, March, 1938. Read this sickening article about the possible destruction of Hitler’s birth house: