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History Quiz Questions

from Parenting

50 Questions to Ask Relatives About Your Family History

What to ask when you get a chance to quiz your relatives about their lives and their family history.

from Hands On As We Grow

Year-End (or Birthday) Interview Questions for Kids to Answer

Download the free printable of interview questions for kids to answer at the end of the year or at their birthdays to capture precious memories.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

The REAL History of Cinco de Mayo

The REAL History of Cinco de Mayo - a reading comprehension passage for 2 - 6th grade. Includes an 8-question comprehension quiz plus answer key.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Arkansas History Interactive Notebook Mini Unit + AUDIO

Arkansas History is a literacy-based lesson aligned with the Common Core Standards. This 29-page lesson teaches about the state's first people, famous explorers, early government, important battles and wars in Arkansas, and the journey to statehood. After reading about Arkansas, students will: answer Reading Comprehension questions, complete a Language Skills activity, use a graphic organizer to write a paragraph about the history of Arkansas, and take a Vocabulary Quiz.


History of Atomic Theory (cut & paste & foldable) Activity from Sandy's Science on - (3 pages) - This is a cut and paste and foldable activity. Students cut out and sort pictures of scientists (Democritus, Dalton, Thomson, Rutherford, Bohr, Chadwick) historical dates and descriptions of their theories. Follow-up questions on modern cloud theory and w


FREEBIE! Check out my blog to learn how to make this easy "Quiz Whiz Review" game to culminate every unit! An authentic way to revisit and review science, math and history units throughout the year! Directions and template included.

from simple as that

50 Photos to take With Your Kids Plus Tips to Help You Get in Front of the Camera

Cute idea to fill out for Ethan & Jackson so they can understand a bit more about me and maybe even pass the information along to their children. Cute, cute, cute!