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A newspaper by the New York Times on the cease-fire in Vietnam. I'm inferring that this resolution was a great moment for the people of that time to hear of the cease-fire. How did this news first get out, and how did political leaders feel about the news?

from Cherries - A Vietnam War Novel

This Marine Was The ‘American Sniper’ Of The Vietnam War

USMC Archives Carlos Hathcock taking aim in Vietnam. Long before Chris Kyle penned "American Sniper," Carlos Hathcock was already a legend. He taught himself to shoot as a boy, as did Alvin York an...


American gunners of B Bty 6 Bn 27 Artillery fire a M-110 8 inch howitzer during a fire support mission at Landing Zone Hong approx 12 km north east of Song Be South Vietnam 26 March 1970


Vietnam’s Battle of Khe Sanh | Armed Forces History Museum