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Riding on the Rails of History: The Panama Canal Railway

An amazing experience when traveling through #CentralAmerica -- Riding from Pacific Coast to the Atlantic across Panama on the country's iconic Panama Canal Railway | Alex in Wanderland


This site's teaching resources about Central America fit very nicely with Unit 2 (La enseñanza) of the textbook Comunidades: Más allá del aula (Pearson). In particular, Lección 6 talks about how education is influenced by culture. The lack of emphasis on Central America and US relations with that region is a good example of how "educational culture" determines what we do and do not teach/learn.


Wally “Famous” Amos’ - November 18,1980. Wally “Famous” Amos’ signature Panama hat and embroidered shirt are donated to the National Museum of American History’s Business Americana collection. It is the first memorabilia added to the collection by an African American entrepreneur and recognizes the achievement of Amos, who built his company from a mom-and-pop enterprise to a $250 million cookie manufacturing business. BJ Freels RIP meanie

from Teachers Pay Teachers

American Imperialism: World Leader or Bully Worksheet & Lesson

Amazing student-centered activity on American Imperialism! students analyze events to determine if the US acted more like a World Leader or a Bully during the Age of Imperialism! All readings, worksheets, and key included!


Trek down the Panama Canal and witness an unforgettable range of culture and scenery.


The city was founded on the western end of a treacherously marshy islet known as Manzanillo Island. As part of the construction of the Panama Railroad, the island was connected to the Panamanian mainland by a causeway and part of the island was drained to allow the erection of permanent buildings.


Above we show an old photo of Building Panama Canal. It was taken in 1913 by Harris & Ewing. The photograph presents Panama. We have compiled this collection of illustrations mainly to serve as an easy to access educational tool. Thank you for visiting this site, and browsing through these old pictures. Contact Image ID# B13B11E4