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My current read. The Making of a Tropical Disease: A Short History of Malaria (Johns Hopkins Biographies of Disease) by Randall M. Packard,


Herbs And Empires: A Brief, Animated History Of Malaria Drugs

Gin, Jesuit priests, communist bravado — the history of malaria is littered with strange bedfellows, as our video shows. The parasite has proved to be a wily foe, frustrating human efforts to control it time and time again.


Humanity's Burden: A Global History of Malaria (Paperback)

Humanity's Burden: A Global History of Malaria

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Herbs And Empires: A Brief History Of Malaria Drugs

What do Jesuit priests, gin and tonics, and ancient Chinese scrolls have in common? They all show up in our animated history of malaria. It's a story of…

"8 Surprising Facts About Malaria" - Today, travel to a malaria risk area will typically defer you from donating blood for one year. But did you know that 8 U.S. presidents actually contracted malaria in their lifetimes? Check out this article from Mental Floss for more of the strange history of malaria.

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The Secret Medical History of Cocktails - Bon Appétit


Chamomile has been used for six thousand years of recorded human history. Egyptians used it for ague, in Sumerian culture, it was used to help with the symptoms of malaria, and today in Latin America people use it to help with everything from soothing infants to calming nerves. Considered a "cooling" plant, this externally lighten hair, and is a mild antiseptic. Internally, chamomile lower a fever (febrifuge), relax and has a mild sedating effect....

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Third of malaria drugs 'are fake'

A third of malaria drugs used around the world to stem the spread of the disease are counterfeit, data suggests.