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Jamaica 1962 Independence SG 193 Fine Used

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Nanny of the Maroons Jamaica c.1680 -c. 1750 Nanny of the Maroons was a Jamaican spiritual leader who fought against British slave trading in the eighteenth century. An expert strategist, Nanny implemented the use of camoflage and guerilla warfare to protect her people. In 1740 she skillfully negotiated autonomy for her people. Although her existence is heavily steeped in myth and superstition, Nanny is still regarded as a historic persona, and is the national heroine of Jamaica today.


☀ Puerto Rico ☀The taino history The Taínos were farmers and fishers, and practiced intensive root crop cultivation in conucos, or small raised plots. Manioc was the principal crop, but potatoes, beans, peanuts, peppers and other plants were also grown. Farming was supplemented with the abundant fish and shellfish animal resources of the region. Cotton was grown and spun into cloth, and along with the many other items produced by the skilled Taíno craftspeople, was used in a widespread…


The Arawaks (Taino) were forced to work in the mines instead of growing food in their fields, which led to generalized malnutrition.