Caño Cristales River, Colombia (a.k.a. The River of Five Colors, also The river that ran away from paradise)

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Chalk Emerald Ring - 37.82 carats. Emerald surrounded by 60 pear shaped diamonds by Harry Winston

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Beautiful street in Villa de Leyva, considered one of the finest colonial villages of Colombia (by MparraG).

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Costumed figure pendant [Colombia; Tolima] (1979.206.497) | Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History | The Metropolitan Museum of Art

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At it's prime, the Inca Empire stretched from Colombia to central Chile and ruled more than 12 million people who spoke at least 20 languages. Amazing! Anyone out there speak more than five?

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The Genetic Disc ~ artifact that could re-write ancient history and our origins. It contains carved depictions of human biology that can only be seen with help of a microscope! It is more than 6,000 YEARS OLD and was created by an unknown ancient civilization using ALIEN TECHNOLOGY. One side shows biological details like male sperms, female egg cell and the genitals, the fertilized egg, fetus and the growing embryo. The other shows several fetus in different stages of development until…

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