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Trump's plans to privatize everything are a recipe for disaster for us and a bang up plan for corporate profits.

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This is OUR guy. Actual physical evidence of him having some of the best judgement of pretty much anyone ever.

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People not only stand in line, but in many cases the people are given a limited number of food rations as per their level within a social caste system. #capitalism vs #socialism #SNAP

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Socialism's Failures, Capitalism's Constraints

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Why are taxpayers paying for this? How is this not a conflict of interest? Corruption at all levels!

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Working, but Needing Public Assistance Anyway

15 dollar minimum wage. When you pay local workers more, they spend more locally. When corporations don't pay the workers that profit is sent to the Cayman Islands to avoid taxes. We recently coauthored at report Los Angeles Rising: A City That Works for Everyone with the UCLA Labor Center and Institute for Research on Labor and Employment which looked at the consequences, both intended and unintended, of such a lift. We found that a phased-in increase to $15.25 by 2019 will put $5.9 billion…

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