On English history.

23 Tumblr Posts About History That Are Just Really Funny

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Oh Mah Gawd XD "were to*PAUSE*happen.." JUST NU XD

Oh Mah Gawd XD "were to*PAUSE*happen." JUST NU XD I imagine this as a conversation between Tom Hiddleston and someone, that have taken his precious tea.

Last night on Dancing with the Tsars, Peter and Catherine were great, but Ivan was terrible.

Dancing with the Tsars (This is too cheesy not to pin.

This is one of my favorites

The sick rat was victorious in the past!

Hetalia-Spongebob-Switzerland- I can definitely imagine this!!!

So fucking true it hurts xD

Julius Ceasar by William Shakespeare | TOO SOON <<< IT HAS BEEN OVER A THOUSAND YEARS

History Nerd Joke with Julius Caesar.

Oh look, another example of why the vinn diagram of things that make me laugh and reasons I'm going to hell is a circle

*me, the history nerd* actually, he violated the treaty of Versailles long prior, and broke the Munich agreement when he invaded Czechoslovakia; Poland was sort of the last straw, and then the phony war started

History? More like OURstory, 23 Tumblr Text Posts About History That Are Just Funny

23 Tumblr Posts About History That Are Just Really Funny

The Trojan Horse, or Murderous Piñata. The Illiad humor.

A couple of history's poorest decisions...

On a scale of 'one' to 'invade Russia in the winter', how bad is your idea?

Posting because I literally thought "It's not the 8th month, it's the 2nd...oh wait, September isn't first month of the year for most people."

October fact…

This originally said "history joke" so the person who wrote that obviously doesn't get the mean girls joke & can't sit with us.

History tips for dating. Muy importante

History tips for dating. But they have got the Czech's country incorporated into the Third Reich.

I have to admit, this one is pretty clever. Minecraft. *snicker*

What Is Minecraft?

Funny pictures about What Is Minecraft? Oh, and cool pics about What Is Minecraft? Also, What Is Minecraft?

hahaha history joke

Rush Limbaugh: "Illegal immigrants should get out." American Indians: "Okay. When you leaving?

LOL. I laughed so hard at this... that person must have been a history major like me.

The truth behind the Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast + revolution-era France= not a happily ever after

history side of tumblr < I'm glad that her ejection seat was working

Stalin was stallin

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