ok, hippos terrify me now....don't ever watch Africa's Deadliest! You'll never be able to dream the same again.

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Africa's deadliest animal. Said to kill more humans each year than any other animal. Heads alone can weigh up to 500lbs.

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Hippo TOMS shoes

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Man Swallowed by Hippo – and Lives to Tell the Tale http://www.peoplepets.com/people/pets/article/0,,20698439,00.html

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Hippo: Kills the most people in Africa. Naturally territorial and temperamental, they can move on land quite quickly, & can open that mouth 90 degrees with 10 inch teeth. You don't have an idea of scale because no one stands by a hippo, but they can be 15 feet long (take 6 to 7 steps: that's how big they are).

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-it will take you a second to figure it out...think, hippo with open mouth... by Gorazd Golob, via 500px

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