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HINDU GODS CHART There are four main sects within Hinduism: 1. Shaivism (in which Shiva is worshipped as the main god); 2. Vaishnavism (in which Vishnu worshipped as the main god); 3. Shaktism (in which the female aspects of god are primarily worshipped); and 4. Smartism (in which six main gods are worshipped: Shiva, Vishnu, Shakti, Ganesh, Murugan and Surya).

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ॐ Hindu Prayers in Sanskrit from the Vedas (Hinduism Scriptures) India 卐 *•…

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Varanasi, Ganges Which is actually the most sacred place in all of Hinduism, but they also drop people's ashes and even dead bodies into the river.

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Daily motivation (16 photos)

BHAGAVAD GITA {17 , 26 } सद्भावे साधुभावे च सदित्यतत्प्रयुज्यते। प्रशस्ते कर्मणि तथा सच्छब्दः पार्थ युज्यते॥ The word ‘Truth or Sat’ is used in the sense of Reality and goodness. The word Truth is also used for an auspicious act, O Arjuna. (17.26)

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The History of Hindu India, from Himalayan Academy, see this essay in Huffington Post about the video.

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Buddhism and Hinduism: An Investigation Comparison Activity

Students complete a compare and contrast chart comparing similarities and differences of Buddhism and Hinduism. The chart has great graphics and lines for students to write in information. It comes with an answer key.This assignment can be used with any text or is paired great with the Buddhism and Hinduism readings also posted.Tony Pavlovich, Instructomania, Indo-Aryan, Gupta Empire, Mauryan Empire, Harappan Culture, Indus River Valley, Ancient India

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