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There’s a lesser known Hindu deity named Akhilandeshvari, or The Goddess of Never Not Broken. This Goddess, who is depicted riding a crocodile, embodies the ability to come together and fall apart, over and over again. She is the personification of healthy annihilation, the archetype of vicissitude. She breaks apart in order to come back together as a more powerful entity. Indeed, it is exactly because she is able to break apart that she is so powerful. the crocodile goddess • m. solongo

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KALI is the Hindu mother goddess, symbol of dissolution and destruction. She destroys ignorance, maintains the world order, and blesses and frees those who strive for the knowledge of God. In the Vedas the name is associated with Agni, the god of fire, who had seven flickering tongues of flame, of which Kali was the black, horrible tongue. This meaning of the word has meanwhile been replaced by the goddess Kali, the grim consort of Shiva. (x)

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Kichijoten, Japanese Goddess of happiness and prosperity. In Japan, Kichijōten is a Japanese divinity. Adapted from the Hindu goddess Lakshmi, the wife of Vishnu, she is sometimes named as one of the Seven Gods of Fortune especially associated with New Year. She is considered to be the goddess of happiness, fertility and beauty. She is also associated with harvest and fortune

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Kālī :Tamil:Sanskrit: Bengali: also known as Kālikā (Sanskrit: is the Hindu goddess associated with empowerment, or shakti. She is the fierce aspect of the goddess Durga.The name of Kali means black one and force of time, she is therefore called the Goddess of Time, Change, Power, Creation, Preservation, and Destruction. Her earliest appearance is that of a destroyer principally of evil forces. ---Vari Kali by

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I find Her during meditation, even though I didn't know Her Name. She is that Moment when my physical body seems to dissolve, and I am wrapped in bliss and light and infinite peace...its the fading away of layers of self that we wrap around ourselves so tightly, like a swaddled infant surrendering to its Mother's embraces... Moment taking flight into new horizons...

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Lakshmi, The Goddess of Abundance and Wealth

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5. The basic moral precepts of Hinduism are avoiding intentional injury to any being and truthfulness. Violating either one results in suffering until the effects of the act are exhausted. Some believe that spiritual practices such as repeating the name of God can reduce the bad effects of sin. Others hold that the law of karma is absolute, and every act must have its effect, in this life or a subsequent one.

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Originally a child-devouring Yakṣa 夜叉 from Hindu lore named Hāritī, but she repents and coverts to Buddhism. In Japan, the deity’s name was transliterated as Kariteimo 訶梨帝母 or Karitei 訶利帝, and translated as Kishimojin 鬼子母神 or Kangimo 歓喜母. In Japan, Kariteimo is the protector of children and the goddess of easy delivery, child rearing, parenting, harmony between husband and wife, love, and the well-being and safety of the family

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Benzaiten (弁才天, 弁財天) is the Japanese name for the Hindu goddess Saraswati. She is the goddess of everything that flows: water, words, speech, eloquence, music and by extension knowledge.

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