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Hillary Clinton Cancer

from The Huffington Post

Amy Schumer Holds Nothing Back In Powerful Message To Trump Voters | “I cry for her and for all the smart people I love who know what’s right and I cry for you people who fell for shiny hats and reality catch phrases. She would have protected you. Today we grieve tomorrow we begin again.”


I would love to verify this...I have not. If you have links that can back it up PLEASE leave them in a comment below! Thanks!


New report: 30 years of evidence exposes glyphosate (the main ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup) as a danger to human health. Learn more: #MonsantoMakesUsSick


This is Hillary Clinton giving a $330,000 speech to Monsanto Executives telling them how to get American families to not be afraid to eat their poison by calling it simply "drought resistant" instead of "genetically modified" ! Does this sound like someone looking out for the health and welfare of American families or Monsanto. I believe that is referred to as being influenced by money !!!


Toxic pesticides developed as agents of war and linked to cancer and birth defects are routinely poured on farmland, and traces of them windup in the food you eat


Help save this planet! Please like this "OUR DYING WORLD" page help spread the word!


This is why we're marching and protesting. Trump spent months saying the election was rigged and it turns out, he was right all along but it was rigged FOR him, not against him. With Clinton now winning the popular vote by somewhere between 1-1.5 million and millions more still to be counted and add in the facts about Russia, Wikileaks and the FBI, this election was stolen from Clinton, plain as day, period.