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Guest Post: 4 Problems With High School Spanish (+ how to fix them

We have to admit it. There are some problems with high school Spanish. Thankfully, Sydney Sauer is sharing her tips to get around these today on the blog.

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My high school Spanish teacher used this. I still have mine somewhere! Use office folders for language rules and ways to remember. Each student can use their own methods this way -Preterite and Imperfect

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Tips on maintaining language skills when you teach lower levels

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Reyes Magos 1 Hour Lesson - Beginning Spanish Middle & High School

Reyes Magos - 60 min lesson for Beginning Spanish - powerpoint and graphic organizers - by Sol Azúcar

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BACK TO SCHOOL: 125 Koosh Ball Activities for Middle or High School Spanish

I have discovered that using a koosh ball in my lessons somehow adds fun and variety that students really enjoy! I, personally, like the koosh ball because it is easy to toss around; however, you do not have to use a koosh ball for these activities.

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Spanish Time BINGO

40 bingo cards (printed 2 per page) to practice 24 Spanish time expressions. Includes word list. Students will LOVE this! Call out a time expression in Spanish and have students match it on their bingo card.

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5 AWESOME new ideas to test out this year in Spanish class from Sherry from

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